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Within the RUBIKON Employment Agency, we offer employers a qualified professional service for the selection of suitable candidates for vacant positions and a superior form of screening of recommended candidates.

The RUBIKON Employment Agency is made up of experienced career consultants who are able to match employers’ requirements well with the offer of suitable candidates who are looking for help in finding a job.

Employers are recommended only those candidates who undergo a demanding scrutiny process. The recommendation includes a comprehensive assessment of the applicant including information about his/her work experience and criminal history.

We also offer our employers associated support synergy during the new chosen employee’s adaptation period up to 6 months from the date of employment.

We have the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs permit to mediate employment pursuant to Section 60 (1) A) of Act No. 435/2004 Coll.

We work with almost 200 employers! And our numbers are steadily growing.

Since the establishment of the RUBIKON Employment Agency (2012), we have placed 700 candidates!

Employers appreciate in particular the professional and personal approach of the RUBIKON Employment Agency’s advisors and the loyalty and motivation of the recommended candidates



Interviews offer employers a non-binding acquaintance with the RUBIKON Workforce candidates and support for good things. Interviews have the format of real employer meetings with actual job seekers, but the interview is not real, it’s practice. The purpose of the interviews is to train the clients for a real interview and to get valuable feedback from experienced HR or company representatives.

It is no exception that the employer chooses the new employee straight away on those interviews.

All the candidates were significantly better than those who came to the job advert. They were ready and willing to work. There is a difference in hearing: “I need to work here,” or, “I want to work here.”  Employer after an interview session


 „100% reliable organization, which is picking very carefully  appropriate candidates for different kind of jobs. Great communication.“ 
Sofie Crháková,  Amfion a.s.
 „We‘ve always got all the necessary information for the interview.“
Michaela Slabá, hotel Hilton Prague, Quinn Hotels Praha a.s.
„Complete information about client, and good preparation for demended competencies.“
Petr Čihák, ARRIVA PRAHA s.r.o.

Contact for Employers:

Bc. Renata Hovorková, DiS.
Manager of Communication with Employers and Job Counselor
Phone: +420 778 702 564
E-mail: [email protected]