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Our counselors know the difficulties of a person who has been convicted or leaves prison and is looking for a job and they can help him. We offer a wide range of counseling activities, both in prison and in freedom. Support for social stabilization includes:

  1. First Step Support after release from prison.
  2. Individual Work Counseling and group activities (for example, Get Employment, Practical Interviews Day). Thanks to this support, the clients leave with a realistic picture of their employment possibilities, a CV, knowing where and how to look for a job, and learn to present themselves to the employer and talk about their criminal past.
  3. Retraining Courses and Qualification Enhancement Courses.
  4. Training Sites to Develop Good Work Habits and Skills.
  5. Employer Contacts provided from those ready to offer people with a criminal past a job opportunity and job mediation.
  6. Work Adaptation Support after gaining employment.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve helped more than 700 clients get legal employment, with 80 % of them remaining employed after a probationary period.

I said to myself, O.K., now I’m out of prison and everybody knows that I’m a criminal, I have a stigma and I won’t find a job. But the RUBIKON Center job counselor has always motivated me to do it. She gave me the desire to look for job. I have been working in the office for three years now and I’m very happy here.

Former client Naďa


  • Debt Counseling 

 Up to 95 % of our clients face debt. That’s why we offer them debt advice both in prison and outside. Clients will find out how to map their debts and do not let them grow over their heads. They will also receive information on the risks of default. Our Debt Advisors provide clients with support in communicating with creditors, courts, and collection authorities. They also assist in administrative and enforcement proceedings. An integral part of the service is information about the terms of the debts of natural persons and helping with the processing of the proposal for authorization of debt relief.

  • Financial Literacy and Debt Relief

Courses provide clients with debt issues advice and assistance on how to handle their indebtedness and how not to incur it in the future.


The programs are designed for specific groups of clients to whom alternative punishment or measures have been or may be imposed and are therefore implemented in close cooperation with the Czech Probation and Mediation Service. Successful enforcement of an alternative sentence is an important tool for reintegration and prevention for recidivism – no breakdown of social links or subsequent stigmatization of convicted persons.

  • Roma Mentoring

Helps to work more effectively with Romany clients of the PMS CR through a Roma Mentor who is a trained layman. The purpose of the service is to motivate clients to meet the conditions of the imposed alternative punishment/measure and to reduce the barriers that prevent it. This proven Fast-Track program helps our clients build a bond of TRUST faster and stronger and also they can trust the process better if exemplified by the Roma Mentors themselves.

  • PUNKT Family

A probation program for juvenile offenders who, in cooperation with the family, addresses the causes of juvenile delinquency and seeks to eliminate them.

This program is currently stopped.


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