INSPIRE – Incarceration & Social Purpose in Restorative Ecosystems

Duration: 31. 12. 2022 – 30. 12. 2024
Place of implementation: Europe
Donor: Program Erasmus+



Main objective:

Stakeholders in Europe should have the knowledge, skills and tools to implement, or to provide evidence- and practice-based advice in the implementation of, socially and economically sustainable detention houses that shape and are shaped by a Restorative Ecosystem.


The focus is to create educational material with which we can train professionals and people working in small scale care facilities on:

1] the role of a detention house within a restorative city,
2] the ‘ecosystem’ of the implementation of a detention house,
3] how social enterprise could be linked to a detention house.

Detention houses are small-scale, differentiated and community-integrated, and offer a sustainable and future-oriented approach.

Key activities:

  1. Showing best practices of the detention houses, including restorative cities & social enterprises.
  2. Defining the implementation process of detention houses; socially and economically sustainable.
  3. Providing advice to professionals all over Europe about detention houses.


The tangible results of the activities will be (1) a report; (2) an interactive map; (3) an interactive tool & toolkit, used to collect and disseminate this new knowledge to a wide and diverse audience. The European network in this area will be strengthened. Partners will gain knowledge on the existing detention houses in Europe that manage to create safe, inclusive and sustainable ‘ecosystems’ in relation to and interaction with the wider community and society.

Registration number: 2022-1-NL01-KA220-ADU-000088417
Beneficiary: Restorative Justice Nederland (Netherlands)


RESCALED (Belgium)
RESHAPE (Portugal)
RUBIKON Centrum (Czech Repulic)
Wayback (Norway)