Updated Programme Plan of RESCALED (2022-2025)

Duration: 1. 10. 2022 – 30. 9. 2023
Place of implementation: Europe
Donor: Porticus Foundation

Aim of the project:
Fulfilling the RESCALED’s mission: promoting the use of detention houses instead of large prison institutions.

RUBIKON Centrum´s activities:
Minimum requirements to manage a national RESCALED office.

  • National RESCALED offices develop and implement a national strategy to replace prisons with detention houses, which must at the minimum include how to reach the different target groups;
  • National offices build a national network with universities, NGOs, policymakers, people with lived experience and people working in the prison system;
  • National offices contribute to the implementation of the European lobby and communication strategy;
  • National offices collaborate with the European and national offices in the other countries, amongst other things by participating in the team meetings;
  • National offices organise at least one event per year, which may be linked to an existing event of the hosting organisation;
  • The person who is managing the national RESCALED office is flexible to travel (e.g. visiting other partners, good practices, team meetings, GA meetings etc.);
  • National offices contribute to and participate in funding applications and the funded projects;
  • National offices are committed to constructively engage in the MEL process that will be integrated in the programme design;
  • National RESCALED offices are also expected to contribute to the overall RESCALED goals beyond their own region, e.g. attract new members or play an ambassador role for RESCALED in various settings.

Beneficiary: RESCALED

Partners: RUBIKON Centrum (Czech Republic), Wayback (Norway), Restorative Justice Nederland (Netherlands), De Huizen (Belgium), Reshape (Portugal)