With a Mentor through Rubikon: Implementation of the Mentoring Program

Duration: 1. 11. 2021 – 30. 4. 2024

Places of implementation: Prisons Heřmanice, Ostrov, Světlá nad Sázavou, Příbram, Oráčov and the whole Czech Republic (at the places of clients´ return after release)

Donor: Supported by a Grant from the peoples of Norway


Aim of the project: Improve the conditions for 150 people in the process of leaving a custodial sentence and, to this purpose, create, implement and evaluate a new Mentoring Program.

Summary: The project is a response to the insufficient capacity, continuity and interconnectedness of services for inmates leaving prison, and the accumulation of disadvantages and barriers to their integration.

Within the project, the methodology of the Mentoring Program will be created and verified in practice, which will serve for the use in practice by other subjects. 8 mentors will be trained, who will receive support and training throughout the project. The mentors will provide support to clients under the guidance of professional counsellors. The project will transfer good practice in the area of mentoring from the Norwegian organization Wayback to the conditions of the Czech Republic.

Work with the target group will take place in close cooperation of the project team, Prison Service staff and other subjects involved in post-penitentiary care in the Czech Republic. Cooperation with clients will start in prison and support will continue fluently after their release. Activities are focused on addressing key areas that have a demonstrable impact on the success rate in integration and on recidivism rate of people released from prison:

  • assistance in securing housing and other basic material needs,
  • assistance in finding a job, acquisition / consolidation of work habits, including qualification and retraining,
  • development of functional family relationships and other supportive social contacts,
  • solving the financial situation,
  • care for physical and mental health,
  • leisure and personal development.

Key activities:

KA1 Elaboration of the methodology of the Mentoring Program for work with people leaving custodial sentence

The methodology of new Mentoring Program will be created, put into practice, continuously evaluated and prepared for further use in the practice of penitentiary and post-penitentiary work in the Czech Republic.

KA2 Creation of a training manual for mentors, training of mentors and providing their ongoing professional support

A training manual for mentors will be created. 12 mentors will be addressed and recruited, who will start the training in the range of 24 hours + 8 hours of self-study. The training successfully completes min. 8 mentors who will be put into practice. During the project, their further professional development will be ensured.

KA3 Implementation of the Mentoring Program – providing support to persons in and after custodial sentence

Min. 150 people leaving custodial sentence will be involved in the Mentoring Program. For 100 of them, the implementation of an individual plan will improve the conditions for successful post-release integration. The individual plan is compiled by the client together with the consultant for each area of support that is relevant to the client’s situation. During the cooperation, the consultant and the client continuously update and evaluate the individual steps.

Cooperation with the client will usually start in the prison and will take place in phases:

  1. Pre-selection and selection of clients
  2. Analysis of the client’s situation
  3. Creation and implementation of an individual cooperation plan

KA 4 Cooperation with a Norwegian partner

Cross-cutting activity, 2 representatives of Wayback will be involved in:

  • preparation of Mentoring methodology (KA1)
  • preparation of training manual for mentors (KA2)
  • mentor training (KA2)
  • ongoing consultations on the implementation of the Mentoring Program (KA3)
  • consultation on the evaluation of the Mentoring Program (KA1,2).

It will be implemented through 3 personal visits and 5 online conferences.


Registration number: SP-JU1A-001

Implementer: RUBIKON Centrum, z. ú.

Marek Demner
+420 773 797 606
[email protected]


Partner: Wayback