I want to support Yellow Ribbon Run

Do you want to support ex-offenders on their way back to society?

Join the Yellow Ribbon Run. Run for a second chance for former prisoners. They also deserve it!

Support the project with financial gift!

Help with us and send us a financial gift. Your financial gift will be donated to the Yellow Ribbon Run project and the services provided gratis to the prisoners and ex-offenders within this project.

RUBIKON Centrum is exempt from the gift tax.

Run with us!
Register and with pinned yelow ribbon participate in one of the Run Czech races. Through running you support the integration of former prisoners and express the belief that even the ex-offenders deserve a second chance. Register here: http://yellowribbonrun.wixsite.com/prague/registrace.

Become an official partner!
We will be pleased to introduce you the possibilities how you can help with us to those who need it. If you are interested please contact:

Anita Beganyová

Phone: +420 724 329 105

E-mail: [email protected] 

Support a specific runner!
Choose a specific runner and support him with any financial amount which will pay his registration fee, his equipement and also you will support the project Yellow Ribbon Run itself. You can choose your runner here: http://yellowribbonrun.wixsite.com/prague/nasi-zluti-bezci

More information on our website www.yellowribbon.cz

Anita Beganyová
Phone: +420 724 329 105
E-mail: [email protected]