Rubikon Centrum Servis Ltd.


In 2015, we founded a social enterprise that offers people a chance to start again through training jobs. We have had experience employing people with criminal records. About 25% of the RUBIKON Center employees have a criminal past. A pilot contract for the maintenance of public spaces and greenery was signed with the town of Úvaly. We offered graffiti removal services, cleaning services and surface cleaning. We have a sewing workshop in Vinařice Prison since 2016, and in 2018 we started parcel delivery.

Due to the deteriorating situation on the labor market and the end of the subsidy from the Swiss partner in 2019, we were forced to suspend graffiti removal and parcel delivery services. However, we managed to pass on our experience to another company that received a subsidy from the European Social Fund and continues to employ our clients.

In total, Rubikon Centrum Servis employed more than 70 people with a criminal record.



Rubikon Centrum Servis Ltd.
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